Full-scale prototype

I set up a first version of the installation as a full-scale prototype.
Watch the video below:

Thanks to playtesters Oryan and Ava.

Some thoughts based on my observation and comments from the participants.

I am working with two projectors facing each other, with pieces of fabric in between to create the 3d effect. This creates a bit of a confusion on what the participants are supposed to look. I like the idea of disorientation and not having to face a specific direction, but I need to work on a better way for people to understand what they are supposed to do.


This 3d setup changes the experience way more than what I expected, compared to working with a flat screen or with only one projector. The two projectors are currently displaying the same thing, there could be a way to access the phone values but displaying different things in each projection.

It is important to mention that the phone can’t detect people’s position in space. However, it can detect orientation (where the people are facing), according to the alpha value or ‘table’. The range of this value goes from 0 to 360, so I can try mapping half of these values to one screen and half to the other screen in order to make a more accurate 360° experience.


So far the interaction is still like drawing. It does get more interesting than that with the 3d arrangement, but I need to improve the interaction, the conversation between participants and space.

So far I am focused on creating a sense of space and interaction which feels natural to the body and gestures. Next steps will be to dive deeper in the story and the narrative arc of the experience. More about that soon.

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