Thesis Midterm Presentation


I would currently define my thesis projects as “The creation of a sacred space through collective motion”.
I am very interested in the relationship between body and architecture, as a dialog between ourselves and the spaces that contain us. When we experience space, there are elements of perception, culture and geometry defining how we feel, move and behave.


I would like to move the visitors to a different world through lights, sounds and their own imagination. I use the word Liminality as a state of transition, a threshold to a new reality. It is a concept usually used in the context of rituals and sacred experiences, when you are about to move to a new spiritual state.


From a long time, different groups or societies have used collective motion and dance as a way to connect with their inner deities and demons. They would achieve different states of trance using light, music and their own bodies in unison, completely changing the environment for a specific period of time.



I would like to create a temporary space that only exists when people is there. Through their gestures and using the smartphone as an interface, they will trigger different light and sound patterns. Mobile technology has become an extension or our human capabilities, allowing us to connect between each other giving a potential to connect with our whole environment. Gestures can essentially work in three different axis, allowing control of space in different ways.



I want to provide the feeling of a sacred space, a place for meditation through motion. The geometrical element I will be using is vertical strips of light that will dim depending on the activity inside of the room. Verticality is a common element used in architecture to represent a connection between earth and heaven.
Trees, cathedrals and other similar structures are my inspiration so far. The idea is that people will discover and create this space together, turning the mundane into sacred.



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