Quick and Dirty Show

At this point, I have developed a basic prototype with one of my previous models, and a mobile interaction with images and sound. So far, the position of the shape in the model responds the gestures of the user.


From my poster:




LIMINAL SPACE is an art installation that will bring people together to create and discover an audiovisual environment through collective motion. By doing different gestures in their mobile phones, people will be able to modify the dynamic space, interacting with each other and with their surrounding.

Liminality is a state of transition, a threshold to a new reality. In rituals and sacred experiences, it refers to the step to a new spiritual state or social status. It is a departure from the ordinary, leaving common thoughts behind. A journey of transformation over time.


The system uses accelerometer and gesture data from mobile devices to allow people to interact with digital projections and audio coming both from their phones and the surrounding space. The immersive environment is created by using a digital projection system over walls and an arrangement of translucent fabrics, giving a sense of depth and density to the space.

Projections are used as a source of light that will change its intensity depending on the activity in the room, using custom particle systems. Light and shadow along with soundwill provide the feeling of a sacred space, a place for active meditation through collective motion.


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