Thesis Summary



How can I make people connect and harmonize through their movements and gestures? Can I make them feel that they are stepping into an alternative reality while they do this?


Liminal Space is an art installation that will bring people together to collectively create and discover a space through light and sound.
The piece is an immersive environment but also a happening performed by the visitors of the experience, simultaneously connecting and engaging with interactive audiovisual elements that will be projected in the space. By doing different gestures in their mobile phones, people will be able to modify the environment in a dynamic flowing behavior, interacting with each other and with their surrounding space.
This project is primarily a research on how to connect people through their movements and gestures. It is also an exploration on human perception and the state of flow/ecstasy, by bringing them outside of their everyday reality while they get involved in the ritualistic process of stepping into an imaginary collective space.

Research Process

As my project goes through stages of development, I will study different fields of research, both theoretical and practical:
– Psychology and behavior: The study of perception and cognitive experiences will help me create a specific mood and state of mind in the visitors.
– Rituals: Review of different ceremonies that make people find spirituality and a state of trance through collectivity. The figure of the shaman is the guide of this journey.
– Relational aesthetics: A relevant field to the project, which understands human relations as an artistic practice. The artist is the catalyst of a situation or happening.
– Performance Art: Different techniques from the world of dance and music will help me set specific gestures, timing and rhythm of the piece.
– Spatial Media: Architectural design, physical materials and the use of sounds and visuals to create an immersive space.
– Mobile/web: The tools that will allow people to interact using their devices through motion gestures.

Personal Statement

My background as an architect has led me to understand my projects in ITP as a study of different ways to communicate and interact with our surrounding space in various scales. This exploration has led me to discover the use of our body and gestures as one our primary tools to perceive space and also to communicate with others.
Digital technologies, as an extension of our senses and all our human capabilities, are an amazing way to explore perception and communication in new ways. We have really powerful devices in our pockets and potential new ways to use these technologies to create different types of experiences. My goal is to take people away from the individual interactions they have there, and bring them back into the physical world, but making them feel that they are stepping into an alternative reality.
I want to create an experience that enhances the dialog between our body and our environment, allowing people to become users and shapers of new physical and mental spaces.

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