Reading: Living on a Stream

In the article, Stephen Levy writes about his expectations on the future of streaming and live web, stating that within 10 years, more than half of all video watched will be live.

I agree on some points made by the author and I can notice a boom of streaming media content being used today (like Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live, which were not released yet by the time the article was written), as well as an increasing development of associated technologies like camera quality, bandwidth and battery life, but I believe that overall, live video won’t replace recorded media content so easily.

The tendency in social networks today is to follow and participate content being generated in real time, but there is also a huge amount of video material from recorded sources that people being shared today, that people can watch over and over again. Additionally, I believe it is very important to have control over how much content we want to put online via social media, and editing tools are an important element in communicating ideas more easily. These issues, along with the capability for repetition and the emotional component of revisiting memories through pre-recorded video, is what makes me bet against the author’s idea, at least for the following years.

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