Making of Resonance: Big Screen

“Big Screen” is as an extension, a reflection of the IAC room or a window to a parallel dimension. It provides a sense of space, and its behavior follows the same logic as what people is doing in the room: hundreds of square colored light particles getting moving, breathing, vibrating together. This an the abstract or ideal version of reality, defying the laws of physics in real world.

Big Screen is 120 feet (37 m) wide and 11 feet (3.4 m) high. It covers the IAC room almost completely, so it becomes an architectural element in space. Its resolution is 11520 x 1080 pixels. The graphic content is developed using Processing and OpenGL. Each cube in an array list is connected to the next one through lines and the whole system rotates following certain rules. These will be synchronized to the events happening in the room to create an interactive an participatory experience, transitioning through different states of density and brightness.


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