The world of ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’


– ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ is a story about a girl fighting against her terminal illness.

– ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ is a musical about a girl trying to overcome her terminal illness while dealing with emotional issues, depicted in real life and in her imagination.

– ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ is a musical about Yoshimi, a girl trying to overcome her terminal illness while her friend Ben struggles with her situation and his feelings towards her. The story takes place in the real world and a fantasy world, where she fights against pink robots as a metaphor of her fight against the disease. Yoshimi learns about her own strength and the people who support her during this process.

The play takes place in the real world and a fantasy world. The real world is represented as an American contemporary city, while the fantasy world is another planet inhabited by destructive pink robots, as a metaphor of Yoshimi’s disease. It could be a product of her imagination.
The space in real world is mostly interior, built and contained. The main scenes happen at Yoshimi’s exhibition, Yoshimi and Booker’s apartment, and the hospital. The fantasy world feels wide open, considering all the battle scenes that take place here. However, there is an interior and contained space during the scenes at the doctor’s lab.
Time is linear, although it is unclear in how much time it takes place because of the constant transition between both worlds. The fantasy world is an emotional reflection of the real world, so it seems to be more ‘eternal’ and indefinite.
Mood is mainly created by music, which is basically contemporary indie rock music with some psychedelic and electronic elements. This element, along with the action scenes in fantasy world, helps to portray the character’s emotions during the play. Overall it is a dramatic story but the elements mentioned provide an optimistic and colorful feel.
The social context is private. The story revolves around a central figure and her interaction with other characters: parents, love interests, friends and doctors. In real world characters have jobs and problems pretty much like ours. In fantasy world, the main character fight pink robots and doctors research on weapon using bright chemicals. All characters seem to live in both worlds at the same time, and they speak in verse/singing.
Yoshimi’s disease and her evolving relationship with Ben drive all the plot of the play. Towards the end, Yoshimi’s disease progresses until she dies, and she realizes her feelings towards Ben. Fantasy world falls apart.

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