Dream Art Exhibition

I like the idea of dream art exhibition as a link to one’s history, dreams and memory. As Holland Cotter writes in his article, “the only art I’m truly an expert on is art I’ve experienced firsthand”. Also, the art and the different events we experience in our life is what molds us and gives us a perspective on how to look at the world.
Art is an expression of a society and it also talks about personal thoughts and ideas. It proposes new views on reality and that is why we can connect so deeply with a specific piece.

In my case, the first work of art that I had a deep connection with was Bringing Light without Pain, by chilean painter Roberto Matta. As a child I think this piece marked a special interest about art that creates a micro-cosmos, like a window to a different world which is abstract enough for everyone to feel it in a different way.


I would have a similar feeling years later with Kandinsky’s piece Composition 8, which I discovered during my youth but I got to see in Guggenheim Museum the first time I came to New York. Although it is a 2d, static work, this kind of painting moves my imagination and makes me feel inside of a colorful, musical world.


A third painting I would include is Orange and Yellow by Mark Rothko. With large areas of color he was able to express emotions through a very minimalistic but intense approach.


In the late years, I have experienced this feeling through immersive installations. James Turrell’s Breathing Light LACMA moved me into the same experience of a space for dreams and imagination.


Finally, going back to my country’s context, my exhibition would include The Geometry of Conscience by artist Alfredo Jaar, which creates a composition/space of light composed by silhouettes of missing people during the dictatorship in my country.


In this curatorship exercise I included only pieces of traditional art. If I would make a retrospective of all my life inspirations I would definitely include places I have visited and people I have met. Thinking of doing that as a side project.

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