Bodies in Motion Final Project Idea


“Dance is a lot about energy, and there’s a visual feeling you get from the audience. They don’t necessarily care if your form is the “perfect form”, but they’re getting that energy from you, they’re getting that feeling from you”
Angel Corella, former principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre

There is a special relationship between performers and the audience. While one often thinks of the performer captivating the audience, the performer also often needs the audience to maintain their passion and vitality. We want to create an interactive piece that visualizes this powerful connection and the transfer of energy between audience and performer through sight, sound, and touch.

The project:
There are two virtual figures in the space. Their bodies are composed by particles representing their energy level. They interact with each other through particles’ attraction and repulsion. Controllers are placed in the middle of the room equal distance from the screen representing the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. The audience is encouraged to pick up these controllers and move around the room. They will be able give their own energy to the performers through these controllers, determining the outcome of each particle system (i.e. What will happen when Water and Fire are close to one another?)


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