The world of ‘Completeness’ by Itamar Moses

– ‘Completeness’ is a love story between two science grad students.

– ‘Completeness’ is a story about the academic and romantic relationship between two grad students, and their difficulty to overcome their emotional issues.

– ‘Completeness’ is a story about a computer scientist named Elliot and a biologist named Molly, who collaborate in an academic research as an excuse to start dating each other. They fall in and out of love because of their inability to make a decision to commit and closing the door on the past. Finally, Elliott decides to overcome his emotional issues and make action.

The play takes place in a contemporary world, similar to ours. The space is interior, built and contained. The different scenes take place at the university campus labs or the single room apartments of the different characters. Most of scenes involve no more than two characters interacting at the same time so the overall feeling is very intimate. Time is linear except for a flashback scene, and another scene towards the end where space opens and time seems to stop, as the characters break the “fourth wall”.
Climate is not so important as most of the scenes take place in interior place. Interiors seem warm enough for the characters to have long conversations in bed. The light is artificial, probably cold and fluorescent at the labs and warmer at the apartments.
The mood is defined by the different settings where the play takes place, flowing from a serious and cerebral tone to a more passionate or intimate one. Sounds of technological devices like a phone ringing, a computer sending/receiving emails or overloaded are a part of these two settings and help to exaggerate the mood in certain scenes.
As it takes place in an academic world, the social context is private. The relationship between the characters is basically a love quartet but with a core couple, Elliott and Molly. This structure changes in the second half of the play when other love interests appear. Characters are focused on their career and studies so long term relationships don’t seem to be a priority. They control their emotions and their conversations are based on reason. This changes towards the end when Elliott seems to overcome his emotional issues and open his feelings towards Molly.

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