Happenings for 20 People

“Do Not Disturb”
A Happening by Sergio Mora-Diaz
Performing Participation.

1. Stand in a random spot of the room.
2. Hold your phone and make sure it’s not in silent mode.
3. Call a person who is inside of the same room.
4. If your own phone starts ringing, don’t answer and walk to a different spot of the room.
5. If you are making the call and reach the other person’s voicemail, leave a message. Otherwise just hang up.
6. Finish when you have performed two calls.

– This happening is to be performed by 20 people from Performing Participation, a class by Taeyoon Choi.
– If for some reason you are not able to either perform a call or be called, just stay in your spot and watch.


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