DoE Final Project Idea


For our final project at the Museum of Moving Image we would like to experiment with live drawing on dancing human bodies. We are very interested in the idea of rituals, tribalism and body painting a means of expression that relates us with our inner selves and our surrounding. We want to create a visual experience through drawing that transforms the human body and moves the audience through these ideas and concepts.



A digital projection will allow us to cover a large space so it should be easier and faster to draw not only on the bodies but also on the background. The relationship between body and background is an important part of our idea, as we want to explore different ways of merging or differentiate them over the performance. A Kinect sensor might be helpful to separate body from background in our digital canvas and track the dancers on stage.

Our drawings might be either analog (pencils and paintings) or digital (drawing software). We are still figuring out the best way to combine these elements.

Here are some examples of how to work with body vs. background:




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