Stop Motion Storyboard

For our first animation project we will tell a story about greed and its consequences.
The main character is Claude, a white fluffy creature that eats his friends in order to fulfill his hunger and desire to look more colorful.

We want to create a dirty and industrial environment with gray colors, to make a contrast with multi- textured and colored characters. We are thinking of recording in the NY Subway or a similar place.


We want to focus on the textures and the behavior of the characters, because of their abstract nature and the lack of speaking. We are discussing about using noises or music to create an emotional setting.


The storyboard follows this sequence:

1 – Wide angle, getting context. Harold appears timidly.
2 – Puddle reflection checking out himself. Wants to make a change?
3a – Starting to walk around (viewer sees stage design for the next few frames)
3b – Meeting a new creature, checking each other out sniffing like dogs. Friendship? Love?
4 – Sudden change of story: Harold eats his new friend.
4a – A change in Harold assumes victims character.
5/6 – Recurring scenes: Eating more victims focusing on the way they get eaten (fear of victims shaking) and the change and growth reflected in Harold (zoom in)
7 – Last phase of change: Harold very big center and main in frame.
8 – Harold EXPLODES to many pieces.
9 – Surprise… (horror movie style)

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