Reading: Long live the Web


In his article Long Live the Web, Tim Berners-Lee writes about his desire for continued open standards and neutrality in the Web. As its creator, he explains that defending the web is part of a social revolution, and not merely a technological issue.

A this point of the development of the Internet, it is very clear that it has changed the way we interact with each other and with the world, but not many people realize that it is posible to participate in its construction and direction. It is very important to remember that just like any other technology, the Internet was created by human beigns, so it doesn’t determine a destination beyond our control. Its effect on our lives will depend on who uses and modifies it, and with what purpose in mind.

Like Berners-Lee, I believe that the existence of these network technologies offers an important possibility for social development, freedom of expression and new rights, which are not given at this moment. Educating people on how to use, build and appropriate these technologies is a key element to achieve this, as well as facilitating its implementation and also setting the spaces for discussion about this subject.

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