JSON and Google Maps API


As a way to get into the idea of consuming Data and visualizing it online, the assignment this week was to build a page that uses an API and changes the DOM based on the data, an also create and publish a JSON file in Gist.

I am interested in using the web to get information from the physical and geographical world, so I decided to use the Google Maps API. My idea was to create a web experience that shows you the road from one city to another using background musoc to set the mood for a Road Trip. I couldn’t incorporate a music database API like Grooveshark or Spotify so I decided to keep it simple and just understand the logic of Google Maps API.

For the JSON file, I used the information for the 10 Tallest buildings in New York City

Website: Road Tripper
JSON File in Gist: NYC Tallest Buildings

Networked Media Week 4 Notes.

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