PComp Final Project: Brainstorm + Playtest

In this project I want to raise questions about people’s feelings when interacting with space, to make them be aware of the way we perceive but also modify our surrounding environments. I want to create a spatial installation that detects body presence and motion and transforms this information in movement or visualization.

My first idea about how to achieve this is by using a membrane or a textile structure to build an architectonic space, that could either breathe through servo movements or become alive through light projections.


My second idea is to use a group of many physical elements that react to people walking by. I imagine them turning to face people or using lights or sound to react in different ways. In this case the experience is created by all the elements working together, making the space alive.


For the Playtest, I decided to focus on the motion detection, using a physical device to respond to people’s movements. I used Processing to capture movement through a webcam, and a servo motor to create the illusion of an object facing or following the user.

My questions and main subjects were:
– Is is evident for the users that the object is tracking their movement?
– Can they notice what the sensor is?
– Do they want to test the device further once they know how it works?
– How do they react to an anthropomorphic figure following their movements, opposed to an abstract one?

After this experiment, I decided to continue with a more abstract approach, and focus on the global idea of my project in order to create a meaningful interaction.

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  1. Arlene

    Thanks Sergio, love the drawings– the really convey not just a sense of space and movement, but of wonderment. As we discussed, now that you are in a combined group for the final, I think you can apply your play test work to the output of the piece, perhaps implementing actuators or mechanical parts that change the screen.

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